Custom BG 6
 The Fan's 7th Annerversary Background is a background on Club Penguin. It can only be obtained by meeting The Fan (MarioFan7589) at his 7th annerversary on Club Penguin AND on YouTube. It was found at his igloo on February 26th, 2013 in a little box.


  • Almost all of the penguins on this background in the landscape are old blue, the color of The Fan, except for DJ Maxx, who had changed his color (Penguin with the headphones back by the landscape).
  • Strangely, there isn't any signature.
  • The icon has The Fan and Lulu closer together.
  • Without you there on the background, it looks like The fan and Lulu are pointing at each other. However, with you ON tthe background, they're really representing you.
  • There are really six (seven counting The Fan) old blue penguins on this background, and two are covered up by Lulu and The Fan.
  • The Fan and Lulu eeach have exclusive shirts that have the print on it saying "7th" as it has been the 7th year for The fan eing on CP and YouTube. The Fan has a "7th" T-Shirt, while Lulu has a Black Hoodie that has "7th" on it.


BG Icon 3

The icon in your inventory.