Future Parties

Snow Expedition - Penguins explore the snow lands. Mascot is Gary. (January 17 2014)

Valentines Party 2014 - 2nd Valentines Day Party. Mascots are Aunt Arctic and Cadence. (February 14 2014)

Color Vote 2014 - 2nd Color Vote. Colors are Baby Blue, Dark Red, and Painter Purple. No Mascots. (February 14 2014)

Rockhopper Party - Rockhopper visits Club Penguin. Return of Maroon Puffle. Mascot is Rockhopper, (March 20 2014)

500th Newspaper Party - Celebration for 500th newspaper. Free Editor's Hat. Mascot is Aunt Arctic. (March 24 2014)

Hawaiian Luau - 2nd Hawaiian Luau. New Yellow Lei. Mascot is Rookie. (April 10 2014)

Sensei's Scavenger Hunt - Hunt for New Game of Card-Jitsu. Mascot is Sensei. (May 4 2014)

Celebration of Ultimate - New game Ultimate Card-Jitsu. Mascot is Sensei. (May 10 2014)

Operation: Crab Attack - Klutzy launches crab army. Mascots are Dot, Jet Pack Guy, and PH (brings elite puffle with her). (May 28 2014)

Summer Celebration - 2nd Summer Party. Renamed Summer Celebration. Mascots are Penguin Band and Stamp Collector. (June 18 2014)

Superhero Mission - Squidzoid is attacking and needs to be stopped. Mascots are Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal (July 17 2014)

Stage Play Party - Party for the Plays. Free Actors Pass. No Mascots. (August 18 2014)

Back To School Party - 2nd School Party. Free Brown Graduation Hat. Mascot is Gary (not Aunt Arctic). (September 2 2014)

Halloween Party 2014 - No Mascots. Free Space Alien Antennae and Black Ghost Sheet. (October 25 2014)

9th Anniversary Party - Club Penguin turns 9. Free 9th Anniversary Hat. Mascot is Aunt Arctic. (October 24 2014)

Fall Cook-Off - Cooking Party. Free Chef's Apron. Mascot is Aunt Arctic. (November 15 2014)

Holiday Party - Merry Christmas! Mascots is Rockhopper. (December 24 2014)

New Year 2014 - Happy New Year! No Mascots. (December 31 2014)